October 2016

Another rabbit hole... the Gradient

Have been quite  obsessed  productive since I got my new and quite amazing wheel. 
It's all Carols fault... I caught a glimpse of her new book, Knitting with Rainbows, and fell in love with the pattern on the cover, Shanakiel.
Carol has been very good to me over the years, has designed quite a few patterns in my yarn, and I was blown away with the arrival of the book in my Ravelry library, as if by *magic* after I enquired about the shawl...
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A Spinners Journey

One of my "Facebook Memories" today was from 9 years ago.... a blog post I'd shared there, announcing the arrival of my very first spinning wheel, my beloved Louie S10.
A blast from the past like that got me thinking, about my journey from then, to now. 
The wheels I've owned, and loved, and said goodbye to, and what I have learned, both about the craft, and myself.

Boy, have I learned a lot!
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Spinzilla 2016, Team Handspinning News UK

This was the second year the Handspinning News team, captained by the very fine Pirate Peahen, participated in Spinzilla and our theme was 'Pirates'... Above is our team photo, and it was carefully and most expertly made by the wonderful ships artist, WoollyElly :)

What an amazing week. We had all learned so much from last year, so I think we were all a little better prepared for the task we had ahead of us. Bettering our total yardage from last year was never going to be easy, but we had a lot of help, thanks to our very kind fibre sponsors. 

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Hat Season Cometh!

As much as I dislike the darkness and cold that autumn and winter bring, there is one upside to it, and that is the Woolly Hat :)
I love my hats, and of course I must make at least 2 new ones a year, maybe more...
As you all know, I am a Woollywormhead hat girl, and she's just released a new book, Painted Woolly Toppers for Kids ... well I just had to make Allerton... it is the perfect style for me, and also because I just loved the picture of Aran and the spanners :)

(photo reproduced with very kind permission of it's owner, Woollywormhead)
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