July 2017

There's a place so dark you can't see the end ....

Over the last couple of months, the world has lost two beautiful voices... as a result of depression taking it's toll. 
Chris Cornell, and now Chester Bennington...

Both of these artists are very close to my heart... their lyrics have always conveyed how I have felt at particular times in my life, and Linkin Parks "Hybrid Theory" is one of the best rock/rap crossover albums of the last 20 yrs, as well as being completely stunning lyrically... in my opinion.

Fibre East Raffle

Every year since 2015, I have been part of a global Handspinning competition, called Spinzilla

It's a competition to see how much you can spin in 7 days, and you can go solo if you like, or register to be part of a team.

My team is Handspinning News UK...

Spinzilla is a kind of therapy for me, as it always falls on the anniversary of the sudden death of my Mother. It gives me time for reflection, but also specific focus on a task, alongside an amazing support network of wonderful Hoomans.