Chasing Rainbows...


I really have no words to express my sadness at what has happened in our country over the past month... especially the senseless actions that brought about the needless deaths in Manchester & London...

I am sure a lot of people are also feeling incredibly uneasy & uncertain of where the country is headed after the General Election too... I know I am!

It just seems like wherever I look on social media (not Instagram so much) I am just seeing negativity and people arguing with each other, over what's going on.

Am at the point now where I daren't look at my Facebook newsfeed because of it all.

So, to combat all of this, I am really feeling the need to reach out and bring some  bright colour to someones life, so I'm going to give away some Rainbow sock yarn and fibre away, to two lucky people.

The sock yarn is a sample skein of 85/15 Polwarth/Nylon that the lovely Andrew of Wooltops gave me to try out, and the fibre is Ile de France.

Just leave me a comment below (tell me if you'd prefer the yarn or Fibre if you win) and one week today, I shall announce a winner, and send out your prize!

Also, please don't forget to leave me your Ravelry/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook name in the comment,  so I know how to contact you, if you are the lucky winner :)



Love the rainbow yarn ❤️ Also

Love the rainbow yarn ❤️
Also agree about the uncertain times we live in x

I'd love to try the yarn,

I'd love to try the yarn, it's a new base.

Wow! Fabulous colours. Sock

Wow! Fabulous colours. Sock yarn would be my preference although I plan to thrum some mittens so I presume the fibre could be used for that. Thank you for brightening up my day in these worrying times. My partner is Latvian and we are worried about what the future will be with the scary cloud of Brexit looming over us. The fragile 'peace' in Northern Ireland and the possibility of a 'hard border' all add to these uncertain times.

Beautiful like you

I would love the opportunity to spin your fibre, though I'd never do it justice :)


I love those colours and would be very happy to get my hands on this yarn!


What a lovely way to spread some much needed cheery colour! I do love spinning rainbow fibre - it's so therapeutic! @jenspreadsheet

Beautiful rainbows for

Beautiful rainbows for uncertain times we are living in. I would love to knit up this skein of yarn. Thanks for brightening everyone's day.
RachRoss on ravelry

Love them

Beautiful, I'd love the yarn if I was lucky enough to win.
The arguments & hate & I'm seeing on my FB feed are so horrible, difficult to turn the mind to happier thoughts, but yarn always raises a smile x

Hannahruth on Rav

Love not hate sock yarn

What a beautiful gesture. Sometimes you need brightness on your feet to lift your spirits. I'm a knitter, amongst other things.

I agree with your sentiments,

I agree with your sentiments, Sarah and applaud your wish to spread some love ❤️ by giving some of your precious yarn to some lucky people. What goes round comes round; sending virtual hugs your way {{{{{}}}}}

Gorgeous as ever! And a

Gorgeous as ever! And a fantastic sentiment- we're stronger together, and our differences make us special, not something to hate!

I'd love the yarn, it'd be a

I'd love the yarn, it'd be a new base to try :)
I'm lilangelsg2 on ravelry and lilangel_sg2 on Instagram

That is just so gorgeous. I'm

That is just so gorgeous. I'm going to say fibre please as it would make a perfect thank you present another very kind friend who did me a huge favour last weekend.

In uncertain times, i'm

In uncertain times, i'm certain for sure that yarn is perfect for representing our unity as a nation - beautiful x

Cheerful dye job!

I've struggled with the recent events. I keep looking for the hope :)

Valora (Ravelry) Valora_Rav (Twitter)

I love rainbows - so much

I love rainbows - so much hope in them for the sunshine after the rain. Hopefully we will get sunshine soon. I'd love to make socks in the yarn.

It's a very worrying state

It's a very worrying state that our nation, and much of the rest of the world, is in at the moment and I wonder where things go from here, so a giveaway of bright and cheerful rainbows is always going to be welcome, thanks Sarah. I think I would choose the yarn, I would love to try the polwarth.

Oh God........I truly love

Oh God........I truly love your fibre....its gorgeous squishy goodness

I'm going to be a new aunty

I'm going to be a new aunty soon to a rainbow baby and this rainbow yarn would look amazing knit into a pair of tiny dungarees to welcome him or her into the world

Beautiful fluffy yarn please,

Beautiful fluffy yarn please, such a kind gesture ❤️ If all else fails I'm happy to bury my head in soft, fluffy goodness


My spinning still isn't up to your gorgeous yarn so I would love the already spun to play with on my weaving loom. I appreciate kindness so much more than the nastiness shown lately on facebook too

Those rainbows are beautiful!

Those rainbows are beautiful! <3

Ooooh pretties

Fibre please lovely mama long legs if I'm lucky enough to win such gorgeousness (it's me jelly Jo)


Wouldn't say no to the yarn, my preciousssss! (I don't spin, so.)

@Knitronomicon on Twitter.

Fibre does you good.....

I just love felting with your fibre :)....especially Ile de France....and love those colours. You are a pleasure to purchase from and always so kind and accommodating to your customers. This is a lovely gesture. (nahandove on Ravelry...or my name above, on Facebook)

Give Away

I absolutely love, love, love that rainbow fibre. Please tell me you're bringing some to Fibre East - I see some of this in my future ........ (Potamousse

Yarn giveaway

I love your yarn and that would be my preference if I won!

Kerryhill on rav

Fibre please

I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more! Everything that is happening in the U.K. At lately is just very sad. Well actually, everything that is happening in the world..! I don't put on the news anymore because it makes me so sad. I can't handle all the hate and racism anymore on a daily basis. Why can't people just love and respect each other?! Anyway, I absolutely love your rainbow fibre! And it would make a purge that spin ful of happiness!! :)
Xx @Crealiendesign on Instagram.

Cheering up needed

I would love to win the fibre as I've spent the last 6 mouths in limbo over my job and potential office closure. I know it won't help with these issues but it'll cheer me up.

Pretty distraction

Your lovely yarn provides a very pretty distraction from everything that's going on! I'd love the rainbow yarn. I'm sianie555 on Instagram and ravelry.

I'm just holding on to see

I'm just holding on to see what happens with the queen's speech. All very unsettling. But that fibre is super exciting. I'm on a spinning to weave kick, and I'm loving rainbow stripes

Hmmmm Polwarth

You know I love a rainbow! I hope you carry this yarn blend in your shop cause of love to try it!

Sad Times

Very sad state of affairs lately. Thanks for brightening our world with yarn. I would prefer a skein of yarn if I would happen to win! I am animalcrazy on Ravelry.
Take care!

How could this beautiful yarn

How could this beautiful yarn not cheer anyone up? I too have been finding it all overwhelming and would be overjoyed to win, thanks for your generosity! I am wewantstuff on Ravelry

This has brightened my day

Thank you for the lovely injection of colour. I too am worried for the future, but I know that continuing to send love and good vibes out there will only help.

I love your dyeing and although the fibre would be a dream to spin I think my preference would be for the yarn as I don't have much time these days running around after a 10 month old...


toshi from ravelry

would love to receive that lovely yarn!

I agree

I'm with you on the sadness - I'm avoiding all news at the moment although my DH keeps me up to date. Everything seems to be getting worse. Those colours are definitely a bright spot in the day though as it your fibre that is currently on my wheel! Fibre is my choice

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