Exciting Times... !!!


As you may have noticed, I don't exhibit at that many shows anymore... but this year I am scheduled to do two, one of which is Fibre East.

I really love this show... & not simply because it's so close to me, and that it's the spiritual home of Team Handspinning News UK, my Spinzilla Team.

My love for it goes deeper than that... because the FE charity itself it supports our craft, and aims to help anyone who wants to further their fibre-based learning by awarding small grants to local groups. There will also be an amazing raffle this year, with loads of items made by the UK Spinzilla teams, to help raise funds for the Air Ambulance.

The main organiser, Jan, also holds a very special place in my heart.

A wonderful, inspiring lady.

I usually also get to spend quality "non-work" time with my soul sister, WoollyWormhead, at this show, as she goes pretty much every year too.

But this year, it's a bit different, because we've come up with a very exciting collaboration... my hand dyed yarn, and a brand new Hat design of hers.

Say hello to our collaboration!

This Hat  - currently with no name - will be available to buy from my stand at Fibre East as a part of a super *exclusive* kit.

There will only be 20 of these gradient kits available (shown in the pictoores, which are reproduced with very kind permission of their owner) but I will be dyeing a full range of semi-solids and also a few skeins dyed with my unique adaptation of the "sprinkle dyeing" technique...

I made this sample, and it was the *perfect* pattern for me, as it's modular. So you can do a section, put it down and when you go back to it, you know exactly where you need to start again. It's also very technique heavy, as are all of Woolly's designs... so you're not just getting a new hat, you are getting to learn new skills.

Absolute genius :)

I have spent the last few days splitting DK into mini-skeins, and it's gonna be so amazing once it's all done... I promise!

Now... down to the finer details.

This hat needs a name... and we want you guys to help choose it !!!

All you have to do is leave your Hat name suggestions either here on this blog post, or on Woollys blog - We can't accept any suggestions via Twitter, IG, Fb etc as it's impossible to keep track of comments in so many places.

Also please don't forget to let us know how to get in contact with you, and we'll need your Ravelry name also, if you have one.

And the prize?

It's gonna be full to the brim with laughter, friendship and hopefully a little bit of sunshine :)

During the two weeks running up to Fibre East, Woolly is coming to stay with me,  and we've planned a day in the dye studio. Between us we'll have some fun times dyeing up some special skeins as limited editions for Fibre East, and one special skein for the prize winner! The lucky winner will also receive a digital copy of the pattern, and should you wish, we can also send you a printed & signed copy of the pattern. (Please do let us know if you require a hard copy though, so we can save you one).

We won't be able to send the prize skein until the 3rd week in July at the earliest though, as we do need to dye it for you first!

So... you know what to do to win... and also where to go if you want to make the exact hat in the pictures!!

Good Luck everyone, and I can't wait to meet some of you at the Show !


Hat name

My suggested name for the hat is either 'Evergreen' or 'Zen-itude' - sorry, couldn't choose between them! Now I'm even more torn about not coming to FE....:oh well!

Hat name

Love the hat, another beauty from WWH and can't wait to see your yarn.
I'd like to suggest 'Stratum' as the name for the pattern please.
Good luck everyone

Lesley Stratton

New hat

The colours reminded me of the northern lights so I suggest Aurora Borealis.
Yet the modular sectional make me think of the way the sandstone rocks were formed and how they look, so perhaps - striata.


Whirligig or widdershin.

Toshi from ravelry.

Hat name

Bee in your bonnet

Or just


Hat name

It's gorgeous! Another success, you two!

I suggest Traveller's Tracks. It reminds me of paths you cut through the grass and moorland and steams as a walker.

Love you both!

Sam x

Beautiful hat and the colors

Beautiful hat and the colors are amazing! Th colors remind me of the sky before a storm. My suggestion for a name is Stormy Skies.

The naming of hats is a serious matter!

But as Macavity the Mystery Hat probably isn't allowed...

I see the swoop of the fells into the lakes, the shades and colours reflect the shadow and light of the changing weather and seasons. My suggestion is Landscape.

Damaris x

Hat Name

The beautiful colours remind of those grassy shores on the east coast so my name would be

Joan x

Shades of the Sea

Shades of the Sea

Name that hat!

The ridges look like veins through layers of rock or earth so I'll suggest "Motherlode".

Whatever it's called, I'm sure to knit one when it's released as it tickles my fancy quite a bit.

Thanks for a fun contest!

(PS. Denys on Ravelry)

Beautiful! I would call it

Beautiful! I would call it Paddy Field. It reminds me of rice cultivation fields in Asia.

Wow! Love it, I'd call it

Wow! Love it, I'd call it Peacock, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw it on insta,


I love the design and the colours are so beautiful, I'm suggesting the name Stargazer.

Love Tash x

I really have no other need

I really have no other need to go to fibre east this year except to see my guild ladies and your lovely self. I really don't need to spend any money in my current situation either, but I think emotionally I just need to be with my kin - the ladies who love me and who I love back. So I'll be there Saturday and hopefully we can at least say hi. It seems to only be once a year that we do that anyway lol.

Since my loom is going out on loan now, I'll have to take up more small project knitting again, socks, kiddy clothes and of course hats! I really like this one. I'd call it Bert x

Bum, forgot to fill my

Bum, forgot to fill my details in! Bert was me. You can contact me by phone or email or FB x

Yunnan. That's the name for

Yunnan. That's the name for me.

Hat name

The colours and the design features / techniques used strongly reminded me of stained glass so I'll suggest


you both know how to contact me!

Hat Yummyness

My first though when I saw the profile picture of this beautiful hat was rainbows with the darker lines being the natural colour changes. That being said, I'm going for Subtle Rainbows of the Soul as befits the colours. Or shorten to Soulful Rainbows.

Have fun at Fibre East.

relic on Ravelry

Hat name

Beautiful hat which reminds me of the layers of colours in the Northern Lights. My suggestion is Aurora.

Fimaha on Ravelry.

Lovely Hat

Such beautiful colours that remind me of the sea. My suggestion is "Hidden Depths" for the beauty, mystery and danger of the sea.



13linda on Ravelry

Revelry - because I'm pretty

Revelry - because I'm pretty sure combining you and Woolly together will be lively and noisy (in a awesome way of course!)

And the design combined with your gradient mini skeins in just ALL the fabulous!

Nyree x
(coffeenyarncakes on Rav)

I love this hat and really

I love this hat and really hope that I'm lucky enough to snaffle a kit at Fibre-East! I would call it 'Terraces' as it reminds me of the terraces that get cut into hill sides.

Hat pattern name

Looks accessible for differing abilities of knitters. My name for this pattern would be from John Donne, "No Man is an island...", as the design resonates with the times we live in.

I think it should be called....

"Over the hills and far away"

As soon as I saw it, it made me think of hills and water, and I got an ear worm "five little ducks." Yes, the nursery rhyme. That line seemed fitting.

I'm MeanderingMiss on ravelry.

hat name!

suggestion for your hat and yarn - Kilchurn - from the first picture on this site it just spoke to me of Scottish scenery!

Aha - have figured out this commenting on a blog business!!!!

That coloured hat is

That coloured hat is beautiful. My suggestion for its name is 'tutti'.

Hat name

Reminds me of the ocean and irises, so "Iris Ocean".

Hat Name

The hat is really beautiful, I suggest 'Medusa' from Greek mythology. The colors remind me of the sea too. I'm SiobhanLouise on ravelry, good luck to everone!

Down by the river

Down by the river

Hat name

'Country Lanes'

Hat name

Blue Loch
I'd love one of those kits

Hat name is definitely SUMMER SEA

Just reminds me of sunny summer holidays on a beautiful sandy beach looking at that magically coloured sea. Thank you

Hat name!

It's green, it's blue, it's a bit ribbed - it can only be named "Gribble".

Mrshalobaby on Rav.

Thank you!

Just wanted to drop a note on here to say thank you so much for the yarn prize for naming Contoura.
It arrived today and is even more luscious than the picture suggested. It'll be on my needles as soon as the pattern is released. Thanks for being so kind (and talented) and being such a brilliantly talented partnership with Woolly xx

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