Lickitungs & Nerf Guns


PokemonGO! has literally saved me & given me my life back. My creativity has returned & my mental health has and *still is* improving by the day.

So when I saw The Countess Ablaze post about the #titsoutcollective... and namely the phrase ..."It'll be like Pokémon Go but with yarn" I knew I just had to get onboard for the ride.
Here is my take on her colourway 'If I Want Exposure, I'll Get My Tits Out'.... & mine is called 'Lickitungs & Nerf Guns'.

There are a lot of homeless in Leicester... as I am sure there are wherever you guys live... and I have been wanting to do something for the women on the streets in my city for a while now, but have never had the money to actually implement anything.

I have spoken to many of them, when I have been out out in town (playing PokemonGo! mostly) over the past year or so.... and I'd like to put together sanitary packs to give out to as many as I can.

Containing things like sanitary towels, flannels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deoderant etc.

These women barely get enough money to get into a hostel to be able to shower and have some comfort during their periods, let alone be able to afford the luxuries of sanitary protection like you and I.

This is also something you could do yourself... it's a tiny chunk of money really, in the grand scheme of things.... but it will make such a difference.

All the skeins will be dyed to order, there are 20 available... and six pounds out of your fourteen will go towards my mission :)

Thankyou so much for all your help.... you awesome Hoomans!


I love the whole idea behind

I love the whole idea behind the collective. I bought one of the skeins from Countess Ablaze and it’s a great colourway. However, I do love your version. It’s much more me and I’m so pleased the hear that the money from the two skeins I bought are going to women who are local to us. I think it’s an amazing thing to do. There were so many lovely variations on this colourway and charities involved it was really. Hard to choose, so I got two skeins from you and a sock blank from Happy Little Sheep, who I’ve never bought from before. I wish I could afford to buy from more sellers, but that is my absolute maximum!

Thank you for inspiring me!

I’m late to the Tits Out party, so I’ve missed out on a lot of wonderful color ways. Like yours. Very sad face. But the upside is that I’ve learned about a lot of wonderful charities. So many people trying to make our world kinder and more generous to others who are suffering and struggling.

I have to tell you though, that your idea speaks most urgently to me. I moved to a house with two homeless ministries just down the road. I have been procrastinating about getting involved, for no discernibly good reason. Thank you for the prod to get myself out the door and down the street! I am ashamed to admit that I never ever considered the need for feminine hygiene supplies. I’ve not ever noticed if it was mentioned in lists of needs; mostly I’ve heard about non-perishable food items. But this is as basic a need as food!

Thank you for sharing your deeply kind and thoughtful plan!


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