And the winner is....

Laura Hegarty, Artygal on Ravelry :)
Congratulations sweetie!!!
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Back to School ... *Sighs*

Today I had to give my children back to that place they go to to learn stuff the Man deems to be useful and important *sigh* 

I love spending the Summer with them, getting back on their levels, re-learning the things that make them tick and doing lots of laughing. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of frustration and grumpiness too, what family doesn't have this,  but you can't appreciate the good if there is nothing to compare it to :) 
And what a summer we had! A once in a lifetime holiday to Orlando in Florida was the highlight of it for them, I just enjoyed having my babies back for a little while.
Each Summer flies by so quickly, and before I know it, they'll be all grown up and leading their everyday lives apart from mine, so I gotta grab these opportunities while I can.

♥ I love you guys, I hope this next year at school is a happy one, and that you achieve everything you set out to do ♥


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Competition Time! Paying it forward!!

I won a competition, something that is very rare, probably because I don't enter that many, so it stands to reason :P
The lovely Judith ( elvetje on Ravelry) very kindly offered up a copy of 'Hatopia' on her blog to help widen the word about the fundraising effort over in 'Mutonia' 
All I had to do was leave a comment, and a random number generator picked lil ol' me!!
As I already have a copy of 'Hatopia', I have decided to pay this wonderful gift forward :D
So, all you need to do is leave me a comment, and you'll win Judith's copy of 'Hatopia' (which will be electronically gifted to you as a PDF) and a skein of semi~Precious sock, custom~dyed if you wish, or you can alternatively choose a pre~dyed skein from the shop 

Don't forget to let me know how to contact you, should the random number generator be your friend :D

* * The competition will close at 9pm on Saturday 31st August * *

Please share this blog post on Facebook, Tweet ... even shout from the rooftops if you want!!!

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Got the T-Shirt and the Hat :)

This is my finished Arkanoid :D
It’s been on the needles for ages *shame* and with the ‘Save Mutonia’ fundraiser happening at the moment, I thought finishing it might be a good idea, as it’s featured in Hatopia :D
Am soooo happy with it!!


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As you all know, there's an ongoing Fundraiser to help save my friends home, 'The Yard', in Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy. As time goes on, the threat of eviction from this beautiful, creative place becomes more real :( 
They need to raise a heck of a lot of money to pay for legal fees, and I want to help.
A hat made with my yarn is featured in the book, 'Arkanoid' something which makes me feel SO proud, and to coincide with the books release, I will donate £4 from the sale of every skein of semi~precious in August, to the 'Save Mutonia' fund.
I am also planning to dye up a limited edition batch of semi~Precious, 10 skeins, all the same colour ... so watch this space :D
Don't forget, if there's a colour you don't see in the shop, the offer also extends to custom dyes of semi~Precious! Just buy a custom dye, and I'll do it for you :)

If you want to know more about the whole situation over on the yard, please visit WoollyWormheads Blog

9/8/2013 Donated £20

14/08/2013 Donated £12

17/08/2013 Donated £16

 20/08/2013 Donated £20

28/08/2013 Donated £24

Silvia rocking 'Arkanoid'!!
 (all photos reproduced with the very kind permission of their owner, WoollyWormhead)

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It's been a long time since I actually made finished a pair of socks. Too long, in fact I think I may have caught the sock knitting bug again!!

These were my 'Holiday knitting', as we recently went on a family holiday to Florida. They absolutely flew off the needles, as I had plenty of time to knit ... haha!! 
Might also have had a little something to do with the yarn, Flump Sock. 

'Still Waters Run Deep'
I absolutely love knitting with this stuff.... it's yummy!!
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 (Photograph used with the very kind permission of its owner )

My lovely friend Veuf Tricot has designed an awesome scarf in my semi-Precious Sock weight yarn, as part of his 'Ready, Steady, GO!' e-booklet, to help raise money for REFUGE, a charity which supports victims of domestic violence:) 

If you follow this link it will take you to a page where you can get more information on why. 


I have dyed 10 skeins of 'GO! Green', and they will be available to buy next Wednesday, 3rd April, 2013, around 8pm. All of the proceeds from the sale of these 10 skeins, will go to REFUGE :)

Even if you don't want to buy the e-booklet, or the yarn, please consider making a small donation, to support his wonderful efforts, via his Just Giving page

The e-book is available to buy now, on Ravelry, and you can also just get the singular pattern, should you so desire!
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Growing Up!

Another year has passed, in a flash (as they tend to do nowadays) ... I am now the Mama to a 14 yr old and a 10 year old !
Both in 'double digits' ... something which Joel is very pleased about :P
You can't quite see it in the picture, but they are both wearing football shirts, Daniel sporting a Man Utd shirt and Joel a Man City one ... typical brothers !
They make me proud every day, and there is ALWAYS something to smile about at Casa Longlegs.
Whether it be Daniel's increasingly mature attitude to things that happen in his life, or the randomness of Joel's brain processes, and the hilarious things he says.
♥ ♥ Happy Birthday my Darlings ♥ ♥
I hope your year is awesome, and full of success and happiness 

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Don't Fear the Reaper

Memento Mori ... Latin for 'remember that you will die', and an artistic or symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death
I am particularly fond of Skulls. 
I wear a lot of clothes adorned with the little fellas, and own a few pieces of jewellery with skulls on them. I have been after a pendant like the one pictured above for a LONG time, so when I was browsing Etsy the other night (fatal place is Etsy you know) I just had to get it!! He came from this shop and was beautifully packaged and dispatched very quickly...
This might seem a little macabre for a Friday, but hey... I don't follow so many rules, as you ALL must know by now, hahaha!
For me, Skulls don't signify the inevitability of death quite so much. They stand to me as a reminder that everyone looks like that underneath their skin. 
So it doesn't matter how much money you have, how famous you are or how pretty you may be (for example) ... underneath, you are the same as me.
A reality check, if you like ... and we all need one of those every now and then, well I do, I pretty much live in my own little dreamworld most of the time!!

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The awesomely talented Carol Feller of Stolen Stitches has created this beautiful bandana with a skein of of my 'Perfection' Sock, as part of her 'Spring 2013 Collection'. 
I think you'll all agree how amazing it looks, I just want to reach into the picture and touch it!!
In the pattern notes on Ravelry, Carol says:

"This square bandana is knit from one corner to the other which allows the relatively simple slip stitch pattern to be worked on the bias for a really interesting effect. The project just begged to be finished with a fringe which is worked while you are knitting and unraveled at the very end. All you have to do is knot and go!"

On her Ravelry Forum, she's going to be hosting a Knit-A-Long over 3 months, so, you can buy all three patterns together now at a special pre-sale discount price, or wait until the patterns are released and buy them singly.  Any of you who are familiar with Carol's work will know her patterns are beautifully written. An enormous amount of work goes into their construction and the layouts are so easy to follow, my advice would be to take advantage of the pre-sale!!

(Both photos reproduced with the very kind permission of their owner, Joseph Feller)

Of course, I will be dyeing some 'Perfection' in a tealy/turquoise colour to coincide with the release of 'Aruba' ... and will put these in the shop, along with some pattern codes, so you can buy an 'Aruba' kit. Or, alternatively, I have 'Perfection' slots in the custom dye section of my shop, so you can order it now to have it ready for the pattern release, in the colour of your choice.
Whatever you decide, I really hope you all have a go at making it, even if it's just to sample Carol's work!
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