Il Fiume . . . The River

A test knit for my new base yarn, ‘LoveLace’, and a birthday gift for a very special friend of mine.
It is my own design, along the lines of the ‘Baktus Scarf’, cast on a certain amount of stitches… then, when you get to 50g of yarn, repeat the design but in reverse, so it is mirrored.
Heavily influenced by the ‘Swiss Cheese Scarf’ by Winnie Shih, with regards to the constructed circles, because as you all know, I am a little obsessed with constructed holes :P
The fabric the yarn creates is lovely, silky but firm to the touch

'LoveLace' was a complete dream to work with, and I am not just saying that because I want it to sell... *GRiN*

Of course, it took a little time to wind into a ball, (especially as I hand wound it, mainly in the dark, on a car journey up to see my Parents at Christmas)... hahaha :P
As I tell folks who might have trouble winding my yarns (as my dyeing process can be a little vigorous), it really is about the journey the yarn takes you on. 
Having the yarn run through your fingers, and seeing it emerge into a workable ball... and the thinking time this process provides in itself... 
For me this thinking time consists of excitement and impatience to get it cast on and trepidation as to whether I chose the right project for the yarn...
It truly is the beginning of a rewarding journey together, from skein, to ball and onto the knitting and ultimately to the piece of fabric that emerges.

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Introducing ... LoveLace

My lovely Yarn Supplier, Mr Wool , got a new delivery of base yarns last week, including one base I thought might be very interesting... It's a 55% BFL-45% Silk 600m Lace... so, not quite sock weight, and not quite Lace...

 'Drrty Grrl'

I took it to my Thursday Night KnitClub, and there was a lot lot of discussion, mostly about what to do with 600m of light fingering yarn, haha :P... but the general consensus was a big Thumbs up with copious amount of fondling :D 
I am very pleased with it, especially as it doesn't smelly strongly of sheep, which has always put me off dyeing with BFL in the past.  We also decided on the name 'LoveLace' 
...I'll let all your imaginations wander as to why we came up with that name.... *GRiNS* ...


It is a bouncy, high twist two ply, very shiny too... I really like it's whispy qualities. 
Have yet to knit with it myself... but I definitely plan to!! Maybe another 'Swiss Cheese' Scarf... *ponders* ... with this colour :D


It's going to retail at £15, and I'll be adding it to the shop shortly!!!

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Skullies !!!!!

Big Skullies... perfect for larger projects :D

Little Skullies... for socks and lightweight projects!

The lovely, and very talented Emma of Atomic Knitting has restocked Babylonglegs with lots of stitch markers .... Skullies galore!!!!
A set or two might  find their way in to one of my numerous knitting bags... *coughs* maybe :D
I'll be listing them in the shop later... :D 
£5 a set... Bargain :D
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Shop Update

Okay, as most of you know by my regular Tweeting/Facebooking, I am planning a rather large shop update :D

This update sees the launch of my new base yarn, semi~Precious Aran, I am so excited to be able to share this yarn with you... it will make a perfect Hat!!

There's also a lot of other pretty things in there too, and I am also going to be putting ALL my remaining NicsKnots stock and Skull stitch Markers on sale as well, so if you had an eye on a DPN roll or the last Skullies Project Bag, now is the time to get it!

Plus, I'll also be taking £1 off all the space-dyed sock yarn... *GRiNS*

This update will be the last one of 2012, and please remember the last date for me to get anything to you is:
Tuesday 18 December for Second Class and Recorded Signed For™
Thursday 20 December for First Class and Recorded Signed For™

And of course, should you  spend over £50 I will always send the package via recorded delivery

I am going to make it L I V E at CiderTime on Saturday 8th December, so around 8pm~ish ... I hope you can all make it!!!
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Twinkle Twinkle ... Rock & Purl is a little Star :D

A few months ago, the ever so slightly *AWESOME* Rock&Purl contacted me for some yarn support, so of course, I jumped at the opportunity, as she designs such pretty things, especially with my yarn *GRiNS*
She requested Perfection Lace... 800m of complete luxury... in a tealy/blue colour, and so 'Squeeeel' was born :D

This beautiful design is featured in the current issue of 'Knit Now', and is graded to fit 76 (86, 96, 106, 116, 126, 136) cm bust, so, the smallest size will take only one skein. and the largest will take only 3 ... which I think is rather fabulous, as I can make 3 matching skeins of any colour quite easily :D 

It also makes for an affordable Indie Dyed garment, which is especially desirable with the economy as it is at the moment !! You’d pay a lot more for an ‘off the peg’ pure silk cardigan like this as well.

I have added two custom dye slots to the shop... one for 2 skeins, and another for 3 skeins... so you can make this little piece of awesome in any colour you want... especially dyed for you by me :D

All photographs are used with the very kind permission of their owner, Dan Walmsley for Practical Publishing
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Things that rock my World...

Every now and then, I get a custom~dye request that really inspires me...especially when it involves dyeing to music. As you all know, music feeds my soul... I cannot dye without it.

This custom dye was just one of those, something to really let my hair down to and just make something truly pretty and full of meaning...

I can't say a lot about it, because it is a surprise gift...

... and I would hate to spoil the surprise!!

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Okay, so I have decided to add another Aran yarn to my inventory... semi-Precious's bigBIG sister, semi-Precious Aran.  It's a gorgeously soft and sleek yarn, not very tightly spun so you can really delight in it's construction... and it takes colour wonderfully, just like it's siblings.
I havn't knit with it yet myself, but I expect it to have an amazing drape, and it just SHINES ... srsly SHINES... :D
It will retail at £14, and is perfect for winter hats, or just general stash enhancement and fondling. 
Whatever is your particular poison :D
I'll letchoo all know when I have some up in the shop, shall I?


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My New Hat

Everyone knows I am a Hat Junkie... moreover a WoollyWormhead Hat Junkie, and it's been a while since my last fix... hahaha!!
A few weeks back, I travelled oOop North to spend some time with her, and went to the Hat Clinic at PurlCity Yarns in Manchester ... tried 'Sumner' on, and that was it... I was completely transfixed/obsessed/bewitched IN L♥VE

Plus, it was designed for her new book, in my semi-Precious yarn, so I had to make it... yes?
It's a genius pattern, with a few tricky techniques in it, which looked super scary on paper, but once I'd got my head around it, they were very easy actually, fiddly maybe, but not difficult, if you get me?
I quickly realised that 'Pie' was not the best colourway for evening knitting (insert crossed eyes here)... so this switched to a natural light project... the shine of the silk helped immensely with the picking up of stitches...

So ... say hello to my new Hat, which I haven't removed since I finished it 6 hours ago *GRiN*
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Actual Knitting content!

I am totally obsessed with this pattern ... 'Wingspan' ... it's so easy to knit, and the effects you can achieve with it are only limited by your imagination. 
A GREAT stashbuster for sock yarns as well...
It's taken me a couple of months of occasional knitting to make it, so, you could make one withing a couple of weeks if you were more dedicated than me :D
I used 200g of sock weight yarn for this one, 100g of 'Radiance' sock, and 100g of some Fyberspates 'Sheila's Sock' I had in my stash, striped together. Knitted on 3.25 needles, so the yarn has room to stay all plump and squooshy ...
A complete WIN, if I do say so myself *smugface* ... hahaha :D

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Tangled River... MOAR !!

Sofar, as the 'Save Mutonia' campaign approaches the 48hr mark, the fundraising effort has reached £715! So, to help them reach £1K, I have decided to offer you all a custom-dyed Yarn and Pattern kit.
The shop listing is HERE
As much as I would LOVE to continue donating 100% of the money you give me, I can't, so I have come to a compromise...
If you buy the yarn and pattern kit from me, 100% of the pattern proceeds will go to help the cause (so £3) and I'll also donate £2 of the yarn proceeds as well. I'll send the yarn to you in the post, and email you the PDF. Or alternatively, you can request a paper copy, but you won't get the PDF as well. Just let me know the colour you want in the 'message to seller' option at checkout :D

You guys were SO generous yesterday, the skeins I offerred up for the campaign all sold out within an hour, so I hope this charitable energy will continue to blossom with this additional kit.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your help. 
Knitterly peeps are truly the BEST people on the planet :D
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