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Fibre East Raffle

Every year since 2015, I have been part of a global Handspinning competition, called Spinzilla

It's a competition to see how much you can spin in 7 days, and you can go solo if you like, or register to be part of a team.

My team is Handspinning News UK...

Spinzilla is a kind of therapy for me, as it always falls on the anniversary of the sudden death of my Mother. It gives me time for reflection, but also specific focus on a task, alongside an amazing support network of wonderful Hoomans.


My plan for this week was to start adding another page of content to my website, as well as choosing some yarn & fibre for a shop update :)

But, I am struggling with 'useful' content a bit, as there are so many good resources out there & people that are far more eloquent in the proper vocabulary!

So that gave me an idea... why not have a page of links?

Links that I use/visit regularly for inspiration and information, people who have taught me how to do things (by following their examples) and they can help you guys also.


I had every intention of knitting this skein of yarn up, photographing it, and putting it up on my new web page so you can all see the pattern it makes... hehehe

But instead, I have decided to give it away... so the winner can make something with it, send me a picture of the finished item...

Then, with their kind permission I can use that on the webpage instead :)

If you fancy winning this lovely self-striping handspun yarn, and are agreeable to making something and letting me share the picture...

(There's about 47g/91yds to work with...)

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