W e l c o m e !!

.::Welcome to my little corner of the Internet::.

My name is Sarah, & I am a Forty-something Work at Home Mum, and I used to handknit Longies/Shorts and soakers to be used over reusable/cloth nappies when my children were at home with me (hence the name Babylonglegs)

This seems such a long time ago now...

Cuteness, eh?

I treasure my family life and my boys come first in everything. I couldn’t be who I am with out them all there supporting me from the sidelines. Running such a labour intensive business from home and also keeping up with all the housework is always a challenge, but I manage it most days, with a little help here & there !

I dye yummy yarns and fibres in a purpose built studio attatched to the family home, & all of them have been tried and tested in my own knitting and spinning, so I can sell them to you with the utmost confidence in their quality.

Please take the time to read my FAQ page ... it's full of answers to questions you may have before your order from me, and what to do if there's something in particular you are after :)

Contact me, I am always happy to answer questions, and more importantly, make your yarny & fibrey dreams come true :)

Happy Shopping, I hope you find *lots* of yummy things here to tempt you :)